Honey Blends

Mending Honey

From: Crone Vibes: A Year of Recipes and Rituals‚Äč

  • Prep time: 15 mins

  • Shelf life: Indefinite

  • Uses: Aids digestion, calms nerves, and an aphrodisiac

  • Warnings: Do not use if pregnant or breast feeding. Might affect blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.


  • Clean 4 oz jar

  • Honey

  • Damiana tincture (food grade)


  1. Pour honey to fill half of the jar. Add 6-12 drops of damiana tincture and mix.

  2. Top off jar with more honey and carefully mix so as not to spill.


Tastes great with yogurt, toast, or tea.

Herb Notes

  • Damiana: Aids digestion, calms nerves, aphrodisiac.