Washes are like herbal infusions, but are used externally rather than internally. Washes are commonly used to rinse cuts, in a bath, or in as a sinus rinse.

Base Recipe and Dosage

From: The Master Book of Herbalism by Paul Beyerl

To make an herbal wash you’ll start by making an infusion or decoction and then using it in different ways depending upon what you need it for.


  • 1/z oz herbs

  • 1 pint water

  • steep until lukewarm


  • 1/3 oz herb

  • 1 pint water

  • steep until lukewarm


  • To wash a wound soak some gauze in your infusion and use it to gently dab or rub the wound. You can also rinse the wound by pouring the infusion over the broken skin.

  • To use as a sinus rinse, add some sea salt to your cooled infusion. Put the mixture in a neti pot or a sinus rinse bottle.

  • For an herbal bath, pour the warm infusion into the bath water.